Project management

You need a manager to be on the ball without delay.

Your team needs a shake-up, with respect for people’s professionalism – a team builder.

You need someone to bring your project from idea to implementation.


Change is imminent

Over twenty years of experience in managing teams of professionals between six and fifteen persons – commercial or technical product managers, proposition marketeers or communication advisors.

I have been through all weathers. I have led motivated teams, and frustrated teams, I have hired and fired. I have led teams through the various stages of projects.
Being seasoned means you don’t need to work by the book anymore, because leadership runs through your veins.

My primary style is coaching and advising. I like to let people own their topics, allowing them to shine. I build close teams. If necessary, I switch to tight control mode. I am fairly direct.
As member of a management team, I act beyond borders.


Team work

A team member at SNV

“Karin was my manager. She helped me grow in my role as global marketing advisor by sharing her experience in strategic marketing and empowering me to manage organisation-wide projects like digital strategy and a major website revamp. Karin is perceptive, insightful and fun to work with.”

My manager at T-Mobile

“Karin is a very down to earth result driven person with allround telecom knowledge and experience. She has an open eye to opportunities and is always eager to try new approaches. I enjoyed driving the B2B business with her.”

A co- manager at Tele-2

“I admired Karin for her drive. She is very dedicated to her job, responsibilities and her team. She invests a lot of energy in her team (members) as a manager and as a coach. She is creative, intelligent and always focussed on the end result.”

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Never a dull moment

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