Proposition marketing

I put the perspective of a target group at the forefront.

Transforming complex or technical services to engaging propositions with a call to action and a customer lifecycle approach.

I produce short, crisp marketing plans with actionable strategies.

My approach

The essence of proposition marketing is keeping in mind why your customer wants your products. This might seem like stating the obvious, but in practice so many topics whirl around in the office (technical issues, shareholders interests, personal stuff, incidents) that the customer perspective easily recedes to the background…..

That is why marketers keep asking,”What are the goals of your (business) customer?” “And what role does your product play?” And in the wake of that, “Is the product simple enough?” It may be the centre of your attention, for your customer it usually isn’t.

Marketing means engaging into a conversation with your customers.

So first of all, who are they? Both in business and personal terms.  Do you share a common core-business? Or do you provide a hygiene factor, so they can focus on their endeavour? In B2B, you need to get down to the individual. Who is paying, who is using, who is deciding? You need to find out first.

Once you know all this, your proposition can take off. Marketing requires agility: Teaming up with creative staff from communication agencies, but just as well with developers from the dungeons of technique. From developing a strategic vision for the coming years, to generating quick results through actionable online and offline campaigns.

Ultimately marketing – like any other job – is about distinguishing main topics from side issues, about clear factual analysis and creative thinking, about daring to make decisions and start acting upon it.

International development


I have three years experience working for SNV, an international development organisation that kickstarts markets and strengthens institutions to provide basic services like food, water, and renewable energy to people living in poverty.

SNV is fully project funded by institutional and private B2B donors.

As strategic marketeer and manager of the global marketing & communications team,  I co-developed SNV’s global corporate marketing strategy, and implemented it through four programmes.

Also: managing day to day communications and press relations; supporting project communication officers in countries.

Health care


As a parent of a severely mentally disabled and autistic child by the name of Kofi, I have gained real life experience, supported by the fact that I am a psychologist by education.

I joined the relatives council of the institution where my child lives and adviced members of the board for three years.

I give interviews and presentations about my experience with Kofi and the healthcare provided to him, especially on the topic of involving relatives in caregiving.

My book about Kofi is in Dutch, but I am well on my way to translate a blog series about him in English, called Kofi’s little life.

His life may be small, but I want to show how much more is going on than what just a glance conveys. I want to introduce him to a larger audience.


Spanning many years, I worked with the Dutch incumbent KPN, the Swedish price fighter Tele2, and the German operator T-Mobile in the Netherlands. Mostly as a team manager (7-15 people), with staff ranging from high level technical product managers to commercial product managers, proposition marketeers, pricing managers, and communications staff.


Click on the links for examples of my experience:
Portfolio management: fixed and mobiele telecom, voice and data.
Supporting corporate sales (strategy, targets, propositions).
Partnerships: alarm, pin, healthcare, location based search.
Negotiations: government regulatory bodies, and market parties.
Proposition development.
Customer lifecycle management.
Campaigns: above and below the line, online and offline.
Pricing: wholesale, retail, B2B, consumer.
Organisational advice: IT systems, complaints handling, cost reductions, primary process flows.

More information on Linkedin.

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