Available for

Proposition marketing
I translate technical/complex topics into propositions that fit customer/audience demands.

Creative communication
I bring honest stories about services that matter.

Project and team management
I am a seasoned manager, encouraging people to bring out the best.


Marketing strategy for SNV, Fast mobile data proposition for T-Mobile, SME voice and data proposition for T-Mobile, Price fighter campaign for Tele 2, Entering the mobile market for Tele2, Fiber to the office and home for KPN wholesale, Office packages for KPN Business, Customer lifecycle for KPN Business, pricing corporate customers at KPN business, New directory services for KPN Consumer, and more.

On marketing

Trust, simplicity and ease of use are key to customers. What drives me is the desire to keep customer perspective at center stage when developing propositions.

Noisy advertising has exceeded the limits of irritation. Customers want relevant information. This requires personalisation.

Hollow buzzwords or an abundance of facts often obscure the essence of a story – I want to bring that essence out.

When do I come in?

Organisations that want to build long-term relationships with their customers, requiring a customer lifecycle approach of their business services.

Seasoned in international development (agriculture, energy and sanitation), mental healthcare or telecom services.
Both B2B and B2C.

In the corporate market each customer is a complex puzzle and you need to fit the pieces. In the end it is about reliability and predictability to foster trust.

SME demands simplicity of services that enhance their primary process. Automated lifecycle management is key.

Consumer markets evolve around the brand. You fight for customer, using anticipation, creativity and quick action. 

Personal qualities

Exploring, energetic, transparent and connecting. I easily switch between disciplines to create common clarity.

Quick to analyse situations and convert that into strategy and action.

Concise explanations of complex topics.

Experienced and enthousiastic manager of professionals, with a keen eye for what makes people tick.

What drives me

Providing basic necessities of life such as food, water, sustainable energy, and healthcare.

Keeping the customer (client, patient, stakeholder…) perspective in mind in expert driven environments.

Innovations that increase quality of life, sustainability and efficiency.

Switching between long-term scenarios and practical action here and now.

Don’t hesitate to contact me

karin.bokhove@gmail.com, +31653643826, or via Linkedin. 

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